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About The Forum

The Victorian Women on Water - "Facts, Fallacies, Future" - forum is an opportunity for all Victorians to obtain information about the water debate at International, National, State and Regional levels.

The Forum Dinner commences at 6:00pm on Thursday 14th October 2004 with Keynote Speaker speaking about the National Water Initiative.

Enjoy a three-course meal and the opportunity to network. The Forum Day commences at 9:00am on Friday, 15th October, 2004.

Morning sessions include a presentation on the Victorian White Paper, followed by panel presentations on Mapping of the Victorian Water Industry, International Impacts and Environmental Impacts relating to the Water Debate.


The Nation; The Law & Water:
Panel presentation assisting understanding of the National Resource Management delivery, Financial Industry and Policy and Regulation process.

Social Impacts of the White Paper on Water:
A facilitated discussion looking at the social impacts of water reform. Participants will be asked to contribute their ideas on how changes in the way we manage water resources may affect their families and their communities.

Regional Focus; Gippsland Case Studies:
Panel presentations detailing innovative water projects in Gippsland with representatives from our urban and rural water Authorities as well as a leading groundwater specialist.


All workshops will have a facilitated question time. The plenary session will include a summary of the workshops from facilitators. There will be a question box at the Forum Dinner and Day to assist forum delegates to ask the questions they are not comfortable asking in public.



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Monday 11th October 2004


Topical Water Issues Forum to be held Oct 15th in Sale

15th October 2004 - Women on Water

Building on the success of the Women on the Move forum in 2003, there will be an even better forum, dedicated to Topical Water Issues, held in Sale on 15th of October!

To mark World Rural Women's Day, the Gippsland Women's Network and Wellington Shire Council are hosting this one day Forum. People from all over Victoria are invited to attend. The forum will be held at the Comfort Inn Princeton Motel & Convention Centre, assisted by both State and Federal Governments and various other key water industry players .

Water is arguably our most precious resource, and our communities are entering a period of unprecedented change in the way we deal with it. The legal, environmental and social framework of our water use, is all rapidly evolving so this will be a great opportunity for Victorian women to have a say in the process.

At the forum, there will be a number of expert speakers helping to sort out the profusion of water authorities and the confusion of terminologies as well as up to the minute detail on recent National and Victorian water initiatives.

There will be workshops where the community, together with the experts, works through the issues confronting rural communities. The combined wisdom from each workshop will then be reported to the forum
participants and fed back to the various levels of government for action!

Further Information:
Contact -

Sharon Fowler, Business Development Officer, Wellington Shire Council Mon-Thurs (03) 5142 3327 or sharonf@wellington.vic.gov.au

Mary Salce, Gippsland Women's Network, (03) 5149 8366 or

Gippsland Women’s Network - Mary Salce (03) 5149-8366
Wellington Shire Council - Sharon Fowler (03) 5142-3327

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