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Draft Evaluation of Dinner & Forum
(This information will be updated as it becomes available)


56 respondents

Question 1 Keynote Speaker

Most people thought the keynote was Rating 3 and up

Question 2. Where are you based?

44 were from Gippsland - 85%

Question 3. Occupation


Question 4a and 4b Improvement of being informed

Note that rating levels were used from 1 to 5, with 1 being the lowest.

On the National Water Initiative 14 people (20%) cited no difference. Everyone else experienced being more informed with most around a rating score improvement of 1.

On the Victorian White Paper 22 people (40%) assessed their informative state to have improved by 2 rating levels.

Question 5, 6, 7, 8 related to how useful people found various paper presentations i.e. The White Paper, Mapping Victorian Water Industry, International Impacts and Environmental Impacts.

Overwhelmingly people rated these all sessions highly. Nearly 90% of people rated these sessions 3 and above and 75% of people rated them 4 and above. They are more distinguishable by the lower scores with Mapping of Victorian Water Industry rating the most (two people on rating 2).

Questions 9 and 10 related to how useful was the information in the workshops? That is; The Nation, Law and Water, Social Impacts of the White Paper on Water, and Regional Focus: Gippsland Case Studies.

Again, the overwhelming majority rated these 3 and above.

Four of the twelve who responded to The Nation workshop did not answer the question but of those eight who did, four rated it 3 or higher.

The Social Impacts workshop was rated highly, as was the Regional Focus. Although the latter had a slightly wider distribution of results. Most people rated both of them 4 or higher.

Question 11 regarding what would people do on returning to their community?

The most common answer was Share Their Knowledge and Participate in Other Forums and Events. However, the most common next answer was seven people saying they'd write to their local members/parliamentarians.

Some of the more surprising Other answers were - Read the White Paper, Inspiration for lessons and Share Water Saving Information with the Wider Community.

Question 12 was about recommending such an event to a friend?

Fifty two people said that they would and two wouldn't. One related to the criticism about it being gender specific and the other has limited information to understand why.

Question 13 asked what assistance people needed to continue being involved in water issues?

People asked for regular updates via newsletters and a dedicated website. Seven people asked for information about setting up discussion groups or forums (although three had only nominated setting up a discussion group in Question 11). 25% didn't nominate any assistance.

Question 14 was about improving on the event.

Most comments related to thanking and commenting on the organisation, efficiency.

A few people would have liked more question time and another few wanted it to go on longer. Another wanted fewer/shorter presentations in the workshops and more discussion.

There were three comments relating to the gender focus, and promoting inclusion of industry, men, youth etc.

One person wanted to know more practical ideas on what they could do.

One person did not like the venue. Another wanted a workshop tightened. The only food comment related to it all being sugar/fat.

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